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I've been a full time photographer for the past 15 years. I started out full time as a High Speed Ballistic photographer and videographer for the DOD in 2007. I worked there for roughly 6 years and then left my job and home and traveled around the United States in my little teardrop camper for 10 months. I'm currently a full time Wedding, Family,  and Aerial Photographer.


I'm also very passionate about Landscape photography and traveling and make it a point to go on trips whenever I'm able. I was involved in a pretty bad helicopter crash in 2016 while performing my aerial work. Myself and the other 2 crew members managed to walk away thankfully with minimal injuries. I wouldn't say that I didn't appreciate the sights I've seen in the past, but I feel a bit more thankful that I can continue to keep seeing new things and meet some great people on my travels.


Feel free to contact me for shoot info, I'm currently no longer accepting wedding inquiries but am available for family shoots and events in Baltimore and surrounding areas. 

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