Photography for me really began in college. I enjoyed the entire darkroom process so when I wasn't at work or in class, I usually was developing (destroying) film. I didn't make the switch to digital until 2007, at which time I was offered a job with the Department of Defense. 

I worked for 5 years as a high speed ballistic photographer up until September of 2012. It was at this time I threw in the towel and decided to have a premature mid life crisis. My wife and I spent the next 9 months traveling around the country in out teardrop trailer. We put about 45,000 miles on our car during this time. I don't claim to be the best at much, but I'm a pretty awesome driver.

Right now I'm once again working for the D.O.D. I'm also working as an Aerial Photographer shooting power lines for local power companies. 

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